Gifu International Rose Competition

Gifu International Rose Competition


Information for Entrants

The rose is a truly wonderful creation of nature that flower lovers have cherished since time immemorial. Thanks to the never-ending efforts of rose breeders, new varieties of roses continue to emerge around the world every year. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities to see such new varieties of roses in Japan.

The Flower Festival Commemorative Park is home to the one of the greatest rose garden of the world, the most beautiful rose garden in Japan. The Flower Festival Commemorative Park formed a friendship alliance with the Royal National Rose Society in 1999, which was the impetus for the Gifu International Rose Competition. The contest is open to both classic roses, already known to breeders around the world, and also newly bred original roses that are yet to appear on the world stage.

The Gifu International Rose Competition judges will select the most outstanding roses that are best suited to the Japanese climate for awards. By holding this competition in Gifu and publicizing the winning roses throughout Japan and overseas, we hope that we can introduce the unique brauty of roses to as many people as possible and also contribute to the further development and promotion of roses in general.



Gifu Pref. / Flower Festival Commemorative Park


The Royal National Rose Society / World Federation of Rose Societies


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure andTransport

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Gifu Prefecture / Kani City

Japan Flower and Green Growers Society

Japan Seed and Seedling Society / Asahi Newspaper / Mainiti Newspaper

Chunichi Newspaper / Gifu Newspaper / Yomiuri Newspaper

Japan Broadcasting Corporation Gifu Station

The Japan Rose Society / Gifu Rose Society

Gifu Rose Growers society

Adjudication and Awards

Flower Festival Commemorative Park will invite experienced judges to judge entries three times. (May, October, May)

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to outstanding varieties.

Judging and Marking

□Disease Resistance     □Flowering Period     □Beauty of Bloom or Cluster

□Fragrance     □Post Flowering     □General Impression

□Contrast between Leaves and Flower     □Vigor, Growth Habit     □Novelty

18th Gifu International Rose Competition Entry Form

  PDF18th Gifu International Rose Competition Entry Form

■15th Result

 PDF15th Result

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