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 About Rose Gardens

 Flower Festival Commemorative Park is home to two rose gardens called the World Rose Garden and the Rose Theme Garden.Together there are about 30,000 rose bushes in 7,000 varieties planted here.
  The World Rose Garden displays roses from a number of different countries around the world including England, France, the United States, and Japan.Visitors are greeted with the colors, shapes, and fragrances of vibrant modern varieties as well as original and rare Antique Rose varieties.The English Rose Collection is very popular in Japan.
  The Rose Theme Garden presents roses in 17 different themes such as the Royal Theme Garden, with varieties that have a connection to imperial households and royal families across the world; the Blue Rose Garden, which tells the history of the blue rose; and the Fragrance Garden, which is replete with the sweet aroma of rose.



 The majority of the park's roses are in bloom from late May to early June and autumn varieties can be enjoyed from late October to early November. As the temperature drops, the roses become even more fragrant and colorful.

1. Garden of Scents

Jardin de parfums

This garden let you enjoy various roses' scent, which is one of essential charms of rose.

2. Blue Rose Garden

Jardin de roses bleues

This garden shows you the history of "blue rose" that plant breeders all over the world dream of.

3. Anne's Rose Garden

Roseraie d'Anne

A garden of roses created in remembrance of famous diarist Anne Frank.

4. New Roses Garden

Jardin de roses modernes

We selected new varieties of roses from all over the world, and add them to this garden every year.

5. Friendship garden

Jardin d'amitié

A British-style garden dedicated to friendship with The Royal National Rose Society.

6. Formal Garden

Jardin formel

The whole area of this, the largest garden in Theme Gardens, is decorated with roses arranged in a mosaic.

7. Plant Breeder's Rose Garden

Jardin des rosiéristes

Displays varieties of roses sorted by rose breeder companies in the world.

8. Old Rose Garden

Jardin de roses anciennes

Enjoy the unique scents and elegant shapes of old rose varieties.

9. Competition Garden

Jardin de concours

This gardens is the main site of "Gifu international Rose Competition" and the gold-prized varieties so far are living here.

10. Royal Rose Garden

Jardin de roses royales

This garden has a collection of roses related to royal families around the world, especially the British royal family and the imperial household of Japan.

11. Joséphine's Rose Garden

Joséphine's Rose Garden

A garden of roses collected by Joséphine, Napoleon 1st's wife.

12. White Rose Garden

White Rose Garden

A garden arranged with white roses and flowering plants with a facus on rose canopies and circular trellises.

13. Terasse Garden

Jardin en terrasse

Stereoscopic rose garden with a terraced slope.

14. Rose Cascade Garden

Jardin de roses en cascade

A rose garden with the motif of a medieval italian "cascata" (artificial waterfall).

15. Moroccan Royal Rose Garden

Jardin de roses royales marocaines

This garden has a huge gate and water passage decorated with traditional Moroccan blue tiles and roses donated by the kingdom of Morocco.

16. Garden of Water and Roses

Jardin d’eau et de roses

This garden replicates archetypal scenery of Japan using plants unique to that country, and roses of original and hybrid varieties.

17. Arabian Nights Rose Garden

Roseraie des «Mille et Une Nuits»

Displays the varieties of roses related to the story and exotic roses derived from rosa persica.

※Click here, and you can get HANAFESTA Guide Map in English.

★For more information about our gardens, please click here.

★Before you come, please contact us for flowering status of the current  rose gardens. 


rose blooming calendar


*Spring Roses

Spring is the time of year for roses of both perennial and perpetual varieties. Antique Roses,climbing roses,and other modern varieties bloom in order respectively from late May through early June. This is the perfect oportunity to enjoy our 30,000 roses in 7,000 varieties.

*Autumn Roses

Though perpetual rose varieties are less numerous than pernnial varieties, they are none the less beautiful. The cool weather contributes to vivid and fragrant.

Total Area of the Park: 80.7 hectares
Area of Rose Garden: 9.2 hectares
Rose Varieties: about 7,000


 Opening Hours 2017

Opening Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm/April 1-November 5
Opening Hours: 9:30am-4:30pm/November 8-March 31,2018
[last admission is half an hour before closing]
<Hours extended May 13-June 18, Saturday&Sunday : 8:00am-6:00pm>
Closed: Tuesdays
[If Tuesday falls on a public holiday, the following day will be closed]
<May 13  to  June 18, October 7 to November 5  : open every day>
New Year's holiday:December 29  to January 3


Admission Type Fee
Adult (Ages 18 & over) \520
Junior FREE
Child FREE
*May 14 to June 19 ,2016 , October 8 to November 13 ,2016
Adult (Ages 18 & over) \1,000
Junior FREE
Child FREE

* Groups of 20 members or more paying individuals are entitled \10% discount per person
* No pets allowed (exept guide dogs for the disabled)
* Annual Passports are available
Disabled Admission Fee
Disabled person FREE (ID required)
Carer (Accompanying the disabled individual) FREE



Address: 1584-1 Seta, Kani-shi, Gifu 509-0213, JAPAN
TEL: +81-574-63-7373
FAX: +81-574-63-7374

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